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  Our electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provide turnkey solutions, from item   development to product distribution in both the electronics and toys fields. We also apply   flexible manufacturing systems for small lot orders to various customers.

  Amass Chinese wisdom, make world-competitive products.

  At AOYAGI Group, we all share a clear and tangible goal;
  We care about your needs and by responding to them promptly, we believe we will satisfy
  you. Our comprehensive solutions can effectively meet a variety of product requirements,
  even on a small lot basis. In China, we can provide the benefits of economies of scale,
  both from mass production and precision production. Our strong technological foundation
  and the competence of our creative engineers ensure that AOYAGI Group not only
  efficiently delivers OEM products, but is also proficient in the ODM sector.
President, Mr.Mizuho Tanaka

  Amass Chinese Wisdom;

  Make World-Competitive Products

  Green Manufacturing


  • All efforts are made to ensure customer satisfaction
  • We aim to contribute to society by improving individuals and our staff's standard of living.
  • Business commitment to quality and product delivery at a competitive price, even for small lot order sizes.


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